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Territory of the Sinclair clan:

map of Sinclair territory

The territorial home of the Clan Sinclair was Caithness, and the Earls of Caithness were of the family of Sinclair. In Argyllshire and the West of scotland a branch of the clan was known by the Gaelic "Clann-na-Cearda" "Children of the Craft" from their principal occupation of metalworking. In other parts of Scotland the name takes the form of St.Clair.

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Arms & motto of the Sinclair clan:

Arms of Clan Sinclair Arms: Quarterly. 1, Azure, a ship at anchor within a double tressure flory-counter-flory, her oars erect in saltire or, for Orkney. 2 and 3, Or, a lion rampant gules, for Spar. 4, Azure, a ship under sail or, for the title of Caithness, and over all a cross engrailed, quartered, dividing the four quarters argent and sable for Sinclair.
Crest: A cock gules winged proper.
Supporters:Two griffins proper, beaked and membered or.
Ancient motto: "Commit thy work to God"
Badge: Furze
Sinclair trading card:  
card of Sinclair tartan

The card on the left was issued in 1927 by Mitchell cigarettes and reissued in 1993 by William Grant the distillers. It shows the Sinclair tartan and a portrait of Sir John Sinclair, Bart (1754-1815). He was founder and first Proesident of the Board of Agriculture. He organised and edited the first "Statistical Account of Scotland" and introduced notable improvements in agricultural methods.

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Sinclair gifts:
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