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Territory of the MacGregor clan:

Tradition has it that the clan is decended from Griogar, third son of the Celtic Scottish King Alpin in the 8th century. At one time they possessed much territory on the borders of Perthshire and Argyll, Glenstrae and Glenlochy, Glenlyon and Glengyle. However the Campbells deprived them of much of this resulting in years of territorial conflict.
For many years it was illegal to bear the name MacGregor. In 1775 an Act of Parliament finally restored the name to a clan.
The best know MacGregor is Rob Roy.

Arms & motto of the MacGregor clan:

Arms: Argent, an oak tree eradicated in bend sinister proper, surmounted by a sword azure hilted and pommelled or, in bend supporting on its point, in the dexter canton, an antique crown gules.
Crest: A lion's head erased proper crowned with an antique crown.
Supporters: Dexter, a unicorn argent, crowned and horned or (denoting the royal descent); Sinister, a deer proper, tyned azure.
Ancient motto: Above escutcheon, " 'S rioghal mo dhream" (Royal is my race) and, below escutcheon, "Ard Choille" (The woody height).
Badge: Pine (Scots fir)
Slogan: Ard-coille (High Wood)
MacGregor trading card:  

The card on the left was issued in 1927 by Mitchell cigarettes and reissued in 1993 by William Grant the distillers. It shows the Macgregor tartan and a portrait of Robert "Rob Roy" MacGregor (1671-1734), immortalised by Sir Walter Scott.

The cigarette card on the right was first issued by John Player in 1907.

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MacGregor gifts:
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